Who goes to a prom these days? Pretty much every single high school student who has reached his graduation year. But he will never be buying a tuxedo. I certainly didn’t. All those moons ago, all I did was look at tuxedo rentals near me and there you go. Tux rented. All that was left to do was purchase the fine lady’s flower corsage and box of chocolates as per the annual prom tradition. And no, we did not win prom king and queen prizes.

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But some years later we happened to bump into each other at our mutual friends’ wedding. Long after the wedding, the partners were ditched and the old high-school flames were hitched. Not quite married but there you go. Many people these days need time to build a solid relationship before they know for certain that it is a good time to get married. The bride prefers to have her once in a blue moon wedding dress made up.

While the bridegroom and his henchmen, doubling up as best men for the occasion, sensibly choose to look at the tuxedos up for rental. They are only going to be wearing the suits just this once so why buy a tux? A complete waste of money because who wears a tuxedo these days. Never mind that, who wears a full suit to work nowadays. People are going in for smart and casual and that makes sense.

Better to be relaxed in the office than to have a stiff neck from a stiff collar. But some guys still need to rent a suit. After college graduation the hunt is on for first-time fulltime jobs. And when the interview invite comes, they must be dressed for success. Because first impressions last.